Poynette Senior Photo Session

This session was really awesome for me to shoot. Tyler's dad was my next door neighbor and babysitter growing up in Wisconsin and I have wonderful memories with him. It was a really nice compliment that they chose me to take Tyler's photos. We started out in the small rural town of Poynette doing portraits at the football field and near a field with a beautiful pond. It was a perfect Wisconsin overcast day! During the session, I asked Tyler what he was really interested in and what his favorite place was in the area. He told me he LOVED downtown Madison. I immediately said "let's do it"! We headed down there just before sunset and found some great locations. My favorite is the last one with the capital building in the background! Tyler is such a down to earth kid and has some great goals after graduation. The most rewarding part of this session was this email from the parents after receiving the images via the PASS gallery. This is what it said:

We wanted to let you know that we could not have been happier with Tyler's senior pics.  We have shared them with many people, and all the reviews have been very complimentary.  To quote my sister, "Good luck trying to pick some out.  They're all really good." We hope you and your wife had safe travel back to AZ.  Thanks again for taking Tyler's pics.  You did a wonderful job!  We really appreciate you taking the time to take them.  It was super seeing and visiting with you as well.  We really, really enjoyed our visit.