Costa Rica Part III: Tabacon Thermal Hot Springs and Canopy Tour

The hot springs were a must-do, so we headed to Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort. We really underestimated how big and beautiful the grounds were going to be. The hot springs were so relaxing, it felt like you were in a hot bath that never got cold. The different trees and flowers were so beautiful. It felt like we were in a tropical oasis, complete with exotic animals. A delicious lunch came with our spa package. We tried almost everything on the buffet, Brian's favorite was fried and breaded cheese balls and Erin's was the chocolate and caramel mousse. 

So thankful for self-timers :) 

Erin's favorite flower-Shampoo Ginger or Maraca

We followed this little guy and his friend around for a while, then they belly-flopped in to the hot springs and took off. 

These are tree roots. They make themselves visible to soak up as much water as possible.

More tree roots behind us.

Our last adventure in Arenal was zip lining. We were in the first group to go out for the day and we were the only ones on the tour. Our guide Marvin from Athica Canopy Tour was great, along with the photographer who came with us. We figured it would be worth it to pay someone else to zip line with a nice camera instead of taking ours :) After a quick crash course, we started off on the first of 10 zip lines. 

Brian was able to 'Superman' since it was just the 2 of us.