Costa Rica Part V: Los Altos de Eros and The Beaches of Costa Rica

After our adventures in La Fortuna we headed to the Pacific side of Costa Rica for some beach and relaxation. After a three hour drive, we stopped at Playa Hermosa for a beautiful breakfast on the beach before heading south toward our hotel Los Altos de Eros. Our directions to the hotel were difficult to follow and eventually we stopped to ask for directions. The hotel was on top of a winding uphill road in the middle of the forest. We did not think we were on the correct road until we finally reached the top and saw the sign! We made it and never wanted to leave!

This resort was so beautiful! There were only 5 rooms at this boutique and we were able to meet new couples and share meals with them daily provided by the amazing Chef Andrea! All of the meals were so delicious and we probably would have taken more photos of our meals had we not been at a table with other couples. The resort also provided shuttle service to and from the beach every day so we took advantage and headed to the beach every afternoon for dinner, drinks, and of course, sunset photos.  We also enjoyed the spa treatments, especially my coconut milk bath after a bit of a sun burn :) Here are some photos from Los Altos de Eros:

Critters came out just after sunset and also were around early in the morning so I took this photos with my macro lens. The giant grasshoppers would fly around and smack into the walls at night because it the resort wasn't entirely closed off. It was a little nerve racking!

Howler monkeys were living near the resort and were our alarm clock at 5am most mornings. They were close enough that I was able to get some decent photos of them despite not having my long zoom lens. They were also a few babies in the group :) These monkeys didn't make your typical cute monkey noises, it was more of a loud ditched roar! Listen here! They are one of the loudest animals in the world.

My favorite spot was Lola's at Playa Avellanas. This restaurant had the coolest paradise beach feel and had great Ceviche! We enjoyed our drinks and stayed for sunset photos :)

Playa Tamarindo was a busy area with tons of restaurants, activities, and people. It is definitely not an isolated beach but was a fun place to people watch and get dinner.

 Erin and I were enjoying our Christmas dinner at Tamarindo Beach when the sky popped at sunset. Our food was just delivered to the table and I gave her that look... she said "just go!" As I was shooting the sunset I notice a "performer" practicing his juggling skills as a silhouette in one of the images. I thought it looked cool but his positioning was off. I showed him what I was trying to capture and he was "in". I positioned him in the right spot and started shooting. He continued juggling and doing some balancing tricks. I gave him my card and he emailed me a week later asking for some of the pics. I love the human element combined with the gorgeous Costa Rica sunset!

We were able to visit 6 different beaches during our 4 days on the coast! Each beach was unique and had a different vibe to it! The crab photos were really fun to take because they would poke their eyes out and then try to run away each time you would set the shell down. We were also treated to a rainbow over Tamarindo Beach as a storm rolled past.

This was a trip of a life time! We loved every part of Costa Rica, the people, culture, climate, and landscapes. It was a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. We are hoping to go back again someday and see even more of this beautiful country! Who wants to come with?!?

Here is the full gallery of over 300 images from our trip:

Appleton One Year Anniversary Session

Our friends Kevin and Jenn had just recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and Jenn asked if we could help surprise Kevin with a session that included their new puppy. Brian and Kevin have known each other since college and Brian was a groomsman in their wedding last summer. We found a beautiful location for their picnic and had a blast hanging out with them.